• Sockbunny and her friends are blogging!

    Oh yes, Sockbunny and her friends are keeping this blog to let you in on what they are up to! Expect to see new friends (sock-based and otherwise), news from our crafty explorations - both trips and courses, plus news on the SockbunnyPress books (if we get time to actually make some, that is...)
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Branches, Birds, Buds and Bunting

This summer I invited some friends round to help me design a tea set for Alke. We had prepared some ceramic transfers based on some watercolour sketchs featuring branches, birds, buds and bunting – some in colour and some in black and white only – and then had a party where people arranged elements on … Continue reading

Sockbunny in the Windy City

Oh yes, it turns out my impromptu trip led me to the wonderfully beautiful Chicago – that was definitely worth coming out of hibernation for! While there I checked out the sights of the city … hung out in some rather glamorous – and some maybe not so glamorous – places… … and made some … Continue reading


After more than a year of hibernating at home, I woke up this morning eager to go on a trip. Luckily a bag was being packed that I could sneak into and I am now on my way to the airport. Will post news when I can! Sockbunny


Sockbunny is supporting Movember. And so is Sock Mole.

Cheshire… 2

It must have been last October, when I got the most fabulous surprise through my mailbox. Some time before I had sent a map of Cheshire, England (where I live) to my friend Melanie, who lives in Cheshire, MA, suggesting we could do ‘something’ with it. I didn’t know quite what. I did know that … Continue reading

Owl visits Harry Potter

One sunny day in late July, I realised that it was Harry Potter’s birthday and as I couldn’t visit the wizard himself, I made my way down to check out the Harry Potter Studio Tour. And as you can see I met a number of interesting creatures there… Owl

Parrot at St Michael’s Mount

… and on I went, down to Penzance this time…

Parrot goes to Leicester

By now the travel bug had definitely bitten me, so when Alke went to Leicester for a workshop, I decided to tag along and check it out. I wasn’t disappointed! My favourite place was the ‘New Walk’, which is a no car promenade (which has been there for more than 200 years, so not actually … Continue reading

Parrot heads to the lighthouse

After Sockbunny had such a great time at Penland last year, I decided that why should she have all the fun? This year it would be my turn! Luckily I found something that was just perfect: 10 days of ‘Printing at the Edge’ organised by the Women’s Studio Workshop located in a Lighthouse in Scotland! … Continue reading

Parrot gets around

Long time, no post… because I was busy travelling around the country… First I was in Birmingham for a hen weekend. We had a marvellous time looking around the city and then a brilliant meal with some gin based cocktails at Gin Parlour of the fabulous Jekyll & Hyde – definitely worth a visit! Shortly … Continue reading